PCA Iowa Region - President's Apex

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President's Apex
February 2018
Will Macfarland - President

My goodness, we are already more than a month into this new year!  We had an enthusiastic showing for the 2018 planning meeting, and what resulted was a jam-packed calendar for the next eleven months. The Schonesland Board’s intent is to bring to you the widest possible scope of Porsche-related entertainment this year.

To that end, we have partnered with the Des Moines Valley Region of the Sports Car Club of America (DMVR SCCA). They have a proud history and lots of experience with putting together engaging, challenging, and all-around fun performance driving events. You may hear some terms you’ve not heard before as we discuss and advertise these events, so I’ll define them right here.

Autocross (or “Solo”) – A driving course is laid out in a large, open, paved area (stadium parking lots are a favorite) and denoted with rubber traffic cones. Competitors are classified according to type of car and any relevant modifications. Drivers take turns, individually attempting to complete the course in the least amount of time.  Because of the tight nature of the course and venue, maximum speeds do not exceed 35-40 miles per hour. Any car can participate – to prepare, we simply check lug nuts for proper torque and remove all loose items from the vehicle. Helmets are required and will be provided.

PDX (or “HPDE” or “DE”) – A “performance driving experience” at a closed-circuit racetrack (e.g. Iowa Speedway or Raceway Park of the Midlands).  Cars are grouped according to capability and driver experience. Passing may occur only in designated areas with clearance granted by the overtaken driver. Time is not kept. Corner workers will display signal flags. There is classroom instruction for novice drivers and all first-time PDX participants will drive with an experienced instructor in the passenger seat. Participating cars will accomplish a thorough pre-event inspection to verify track-worthiness (focus is on tires, brake pads, and brake fluid). Helmets are required and will be provided.

Autocross is a terrific introduction to performance driving and in fact, many autocross participants find it is all the adrenaline rush they’ll ever need. PDX generally requires a bit more time and money, but pays off with triple-digit speeds and the thrill of chasing (and being chased by) other cars on a no-kidding racetrack.

Our cooperation with the DMVR SCCA means we can incorporate Autocross and PDX events into our calendar without sacrificing our traditional annual events. In response to popular demand, we have planned two(!) overnight tours this year, one in June and one on Labor Day weekend. Also on our calendar are four Saturday-only drives, a fantastic and wide-ranging Drive-&-Dine schedule, the 63rd Porsche Parade (July 8-14 at Tan-Tar-A Resort, Lake of the Ozarks – register at PCA.org), a cookout at SCCA Rallycross Nationals down in Indianola in the fall, and a new-format Holiday Party on December 1st.

The success of this robust calendar depends on you! Get ready for a great driving year, and I’ll see you out there.