PCA Iowa Region - President's Apex

A selection of the most recent Schonesland Porsche Club messages from the club President.  Please view the Newsletters for other great information from the club and the region.

President's Apex
November 2017
Will Macfarland - President

This year has been a blindingly fast one for me – I simply cannot comprehend that we are less than sixty days away from putting 2017 in the books for good. Just the other night I was pondering that it is inside six months from our spring season-opening drive, whatever form that may take. And still, there’s plenty going on between now and then.

Of course, the biggest near-term deal is the Holiday Party, our year-end formal event, back at the Embassy Suites Des Moines this year. Sign up at msreg.com/holiday2017 and book yourself a room at http://bit.ly/SchoneslandHolidayParty. You’ll guarantee yourself a fantastic evening (and an award-winning breakfast the following morning)! The party is Saturday evening, December 2, with cocktail hour at 6:00PM followed by our formal year-end program at 7:00PM and dinner at 7:30PM.

Our Cars & Coffee falls on Veterans’ Day this year! We’ll have breakfast at the Cozy Café Johnston, 8:00AM on Saturday, November 11. Our Drive & Dine and Board Meeting are scooted up a bit to dodge Thanksgiving – D&D is at the Urban Grill, 3651 86th Street in Urbandale, 6:30PM on Tuesday, November 14. The Board Meeting is at Fire Creek on Tuesday, November 21, 6:00PM for dinner, 7:00PM for club business.

As years do, 2018 will bring with it some changes. If you know you’ve got some coming your way in the new year, perhaps of the less-work/more-free-time variety, please consider lending some of your time and expertise to the club! We are always (ALWAYS) looking for new (and old) contributors with fresh new (or throwback) ideas. I will host our yearly planning meeting on the morning of Saturday, January 20th, and absolutely everyone is invited. Come tell us what things we should be doing and how to do them – to stay vibrant, the club always needs fresh ideas and directions.

Make sure you’ve topped off your washer fluid, rechecked your tire pressures for the colder temperatures, and scheduled a swap to your winter rubber! Getting chilly out there – stay safe.