PCA Iowa Region - President's Apex

A selection of the most recent Schonesland Porsche Club messages from the club President. Please view the Newsletters for other great information from the club and the region.

President's Apex
December 2018
Will Macfarland - President

Hard to believe it was fully two years ago that I had the privilege to take over as President of this club. It seems to have flown by, because although there was plenty of work involved, there was easily ten times as much fun in return.

My last Apex as President will serve as the ‘acknowledgements’ section of my tenure. This region is but a small footnote in the national PCA rolls, but we constantly punch above our weight because every member demonstrates such gracious effort and commitment.

I want to thank Jeff David, who welcomed Anne and I into Schonesland with such enthusiasm, set the bar for me as to how a PCA Region President should conduct him (or her) self, and took (and continues to take) such pride in the organization he steered as President for four years.

I want to thank Mary Alice Hill, another of our former Presidents, for being one of the kindest and most patient people I’ve ever met, and who trusted me enough to hand me the club’s reins after I’d only been a member for a relatively short time.

I want to thank Ron Newman and Doug Hillman, who have both given many hours of their time to PCA in various capacities. Both men have been utterly dependable during my tenure, always putting together flawless events with only the barest direction from me and keeping the club’s financial situation healthy and transparent.

I want to thank David Safris, who despite so many demands on his time, continues to ensure that SPINNER is the quality publication the club deserves.

I want to thank Skip Hammerman and Garry Seeman, who are so attentive to key details. I’ve always been a big-picture person, but Skip and Garry have constantly been there to ensure that I have not overlooked anything that would compromise the quality of our events.

I want to thank Julienne and Frank Krennrich, for their enthusiasm and so much of their time, which they have willingly spent driving back and forth from Ames to not only participate in events, but make sure those events come off so well.

I want to thank Terri and Roy Johnson, who were not unlike myself in that they arrived from far away and very quickly found themselves deeply involved in the inner workings and machinations of Schonesland. Their efforts, inputs, and enthusiasm are very much appreciated.

I want to thank Bob Timmerman and Linda Laine, another couple whose enthusiasm and efforts have far exceeded their notable geographic distance from the Des Moines metro. I suspect their lovely house will play host to more Schonesland events in the future.

Lastly, I want to thank Porsche of Omaha. The members of this club have always been warmly received and given terrific service and respect there, and the club very much appreciates the relationship we’ve cultivated despite the distance that separates us.

You certainly haven’t heard the last of me, but I’ll be relinquishing the Apex space to the next Schonesland Board President. Keep an eye on your email for your electronic ballot – it should arrive in January.

Drive safe out there.