Schonesland - Time Speed Distance Rally

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Join Schonesland for a fun morning of spring driving!  A Time Speed Distance (TSD) rally will be held in and around the Des Moines metro area.

This event will require you have a passenger to read directions and take notes along the way.  Also recommended you have a notebook or something to write on, a pen/pencil, and a watch with second hand or stop watch.  The total event will last under two hours with lunch to follow.

Spring is here, and Schonesland Region of the Porsche Club of America will once again utilize its eager Porsches to benefit the Major Benjamin Follansbee Pets for Vets Memorial Fund at Animal Friends.  Our Poker Runs in 2016 and 2017 raised over $3100 in total -- this year, we're tweaking the event format, but still contributing to our worthy cause.

For those new to a Time/Speed/Distance Rally, it goes like this: you arrive at the start location (Competition Motorsport in Waukee), where everyone is gathered for a light, delicious breakfast.  When the appointed time arrives, we fire up the engines and each car individually hits the course, tripping a timer as it does so.  The objective is to reach the destination (which is kept secret) in as near to the officially-allotted time as possible.  This is accomplished by following the instructions in the official route book, which is handed to the navigator (you'll need to have a navigator!) as the car reaches the start line.

This will be a 3-stage TSD Rally, meaning there will be time set aside for breaks between each of the three timed sections.  The officially-allotted time for rally completion is constructed around the speed limits on the roads driven -- excessive velocities will not lead to victory!

Event price is $25 per car.  Don't forget your navigator!  A clipboard and stopwatch might also prove useful. 

Register online at, and we'll see you in Waukee!



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