Spinner Newsletter - August 2019

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

This month, read the APEX letter from President Bob Timmerman on page 3, learn about the Templeton Tour coming up on page 5, read about the 2019 Fall Tour on pages 6 and 7, find information on the Eureka Springs Drive on page 8, read about the 2019 Valley Classic Car Show on page 9, hear about the most magical place on earth on pages 10 and 11, check out the 2019 Nauvoo Drive article on page 12, and read David's Race Report about the Brainerd International Speedway on pages 14 and 15. Don't forget about the 2020 Calendar Contest on page 13of the Schonesland branded clothing on page 16! Finally, remember to check out the events calendar on page 4 to plan ahead for future events.