PCA Iowa Region - President's Apex

A selection of the most recent Schonesland Porsche Club messages from the club President. Please view the Newsletters for other great information from the club and the region.

President's Apex
December 2019
Bob Timmerman - President

Happy Holidays Schoneslanders!  As we close out 2019, I’d like to acknowledge the many volunteer members of our region for the selfless work they do for our club. 

Thanks to Ken Watkins, Dave Sly, John Peeler, Bob Eddy, Jeff David, Garry Seemann, Ron Newman, Doug and Drew Hillman, and Will MacFarland for hosting and managing driving events in 2019.  We know it takes a lot of time and coordination (not to mention very understanding significant others) to put together a successful event, and this year’s events were some of the most successful ever.  My apologies if I forgot someone.  Believe me; it’s not you, it’s me!

Terri Johnson, our secretary, has been indispensable by keeping track of our meetings and overseeing the monthly Drive and Dines.  I frequently refer to her thorough board meeting minutes.  Thank you Terri! 

Jen Scharff has done the Safety Chair job admirably this year.  Thanks Jen for helping to keep us safe!

A big Thanks to Skip Hammerman for not only being a photographer and videographer extraordinaire, but for taking on the role of Social Media chair recently.  Speaking of Social Media Chair, thank you to Julienne Krennrich for her work as Social Media Chair for most of the year.  Facebook can be a complicated medium so it’s nice to know that both Julienne and Skip are very knowledgeable about it.

Many thanks are due to David Safris, who compiles and publishes the region’s newsletter, Spinner.  It’s a great read and a fantastic resource for club activities.  Thank you David for keeping us on track with submission deadlines and interesting content of your own.

Finally, I’d like to thank the Schonesland Region Board of Directors for their input on the calendar and support during my first year as president.  Those not mentioned above are Paul Rathjen, Rich Collins, Chuck Stewart, and Dave Hill.  Thank you all for being so willing to take on projects for the club.  We’ll keep Tom Rusk, our Historian who passed away this year, in our memories too.

It’s been a great year.  Here’s to an even better 2020!