PCA Iowa Region - President's Apex

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President's Apex
November 2019
Bob Timmerman - President

The journey is the destination. When I look back on my life, I know that I unconsciously understood that from a very young age. I loved to build model planes and cars as a kid. For me, the building process was the fun part. After the model was finished, I lost interest (or found ways to creatively destroy the model, thus continuing the process). When my family took camping trips, I looked forward to the actual trip. Once our destination was reached, the first thing I wanted to do was take a hike or explore the campground. Likewise, when I got my driver’s license, I began to drive just for the fun of the drive.

It seems that the above statement is supported by science. I read an article recently that argues that we derive more joy from travel than from material things. According to the authors, experiences stay in our consciousness longer and stimulate our brains more than an item, which tends to lose its thrill in our minds rather quickly. It occurred to me that we, as Porsche owners, are fortunate to possess a material thing that allows us to enjoy the experience of the journey. Consequently, the car becomes part of the journey, so the thrill never fades. We derive joy from the material item and the travel. My conclusion: owning a Porsche makes one truly happy.

Don’t think about that too much. Just go with it.
As always, a warm welcome to our newest members, Craig and Sandra Bassett and Mike McKie. We hope to meet you at an event soon!