PCA Iowa Region - President's Apex

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President's Apex
March 2019
Bob Timmerman - President

I hope you are all having an enjoyable winter, be it in Iowa or someplace slightly less, well…, wintery. We store our Boxster over the winter months. Consequently, this is the season of dreams for me. First, I tend to forget all the little things that need attention on our car (a mysterious scuff mark that I noticed as I was cleaning it before storage and a slight second-gear grind when the engine is cold, for example) and daydream about the incredible sounds, sensations, roads, and people involved with our ownership of a Porsche. For me, every driving season is as exciting as the first one and I can’t wait to pull off the cover and fire it up.

I also dream about other Porsches that I’d like to own. I’m sure everyone has a list of P-cars that they’d like to see in their garage. Here are a few of mine.

  • I’d like a modded 911 964. Not necessarily a Singer because I’d be afraid to drive it. One that has the classic lines but is beefed up and has a wicked snarl.
  • A GT3 Touring. Something I can drive every day and doesn’t look too flashy, but a car I can be proud to take to the track. And yes, I would take it to the track. Any track. Every track.
  • A second gen Panamera 4 E-hybrid. Very cool tech and Launch Control that I can share with friends.
  • A Taycan. Because it’s an ecologically friendly, forward-looking, badass sports car. That way I can help protect the environment. And corner really fast.

When I see you, let’s talk about your list. Happy dreaming everyone.