Iowa Porsche Club Resources

Listing of websites, forms, and blogs to help you enjoy your Porsche experience.  

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National Porsche Club Website

Use this link to go to the national club.

Mad Warren Driving Tour

Directions for the Mad Warren (Madison County and Warren County) Drive.

Porsche 912 and 912e Registry

Website with information about 912 and 912e models.

Parent Form For Minors at events

Please have form signed by both parents prior to attending a drive with a minor.  Signed form will need to be provided to the event coordinator for participation.

Porsche America Website

Visit the Porsche America website for all things Porsche related.

Rennlist Porsche Forum

Whether you have the most current 911 or the oldest Porsche 356 you will find great information on the Rennlist forum.

Planet 9 Porsche forum

Topics ranging far and wide regarding owning, driving, buying, or selling Porsche cars or related parts and products.

Porsche Sport

A great website dedicated to Porsche racing. Walk Through

The Schonesland Porsche Club is using the site as the main registration tool for all of our events. It has significant benefits for the organizer as well as the attendees. The organizer can provide a page for the event with great information and it can be edited or changed easily if necessary. It also keeps track of attendees and progress of the attendance without having to manage multiple e-mails, spreadsheets, and payments. The attendees can make an online secure payment for the event and look up information easily at any time in addition to checking into who else is registered. Once you have registered, your own home page will list all the Schonesland events only and it will be very easy to navigate to the different events and review the information. Also, please keep in mind that the site states no refunds through the site, however, the club will refund you directly in case there is a last minute change in plans that prevents you from attending. If you have not registered yet, please do so by going to View this tutorial on the registration process. In case you are experiencing difficulties with the site or the registration process you can always register the old fashioned way contacting the event planner directly. 


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